Who We Are

Kids With Destiny believes that in every child there exists the dream to find a joyful and prolific path.

Our work is to facilitate these ambitions for children limited by poverty’s devastating grip.
We believe that every child is capable of achieving a level of excellence such that their life will lift
themselves as well as their community from the throws of poverty. learn more

Hope House for Girls

Help us build a home for children from Calcutta`s red light neighborhood

Kids With Destiny is working to build a nurturing safe haven where impoverished girls from Calcutta’s red-light neighborhood will come to live and grow with all the necessary tools to develop into happy and productive adults. learn more

Hope Clinic

The Hope Clinic is free for patients in need

The Hope Clinic is committed to serving the health needs for mothers and daughters from Calcutta’s red-light neighborhoods. Most of the patients who visit the clinic would not receive treatment if not for this free health center. learn more

What's New?

The Hope House construction is moving right along. Please take a moment to look through the Hope House blog and see the exciting progress we are making towards opening the doors.

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